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August Beekeeping Activity

August Beekeeping Activity Recommend beekeeping activity includes Check brood nest for diseases. Check for swarm cells in mountain areas. Remove surplus honey leaving some space in supers for late summer and fall flow. Colonies will need 40-60 pounds of honey for...

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July Beekeeping Activity

July Beekeeping Activity July is time to harvest Honey in TN – it is ready by now if it ever will be, and you need to get it off of hives so that you can treat for Varroa mites.  The market for local honey is quite good in our area with prices as high as $18 per quart...

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June Beekeeping Activity

June Beekeeping Activity By the middle of June the honey flow has usually tapered off quite a lot, and the danger of swarming should be about over if you have done your part so far.  There will still be a few flowers around but the large populations of bees will be...

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May Beekeeping Activity

May Beekeeping Activity May is normally when our main honey flow happens – If you and your hives aren’t ready to take advantage of it by May 1 you are going to miss it.  Everything blooms in May.   Hive populations will be at or near maximum. You should be doing...

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