Cheatham County Beekeepers

We’re an enthusiastic bunch in Middle Tennessee with a common passion for bees and beekeeping. Please see our calendar for meeting times. Most months we meet at the Cheatham County Public Library in Ashland City. Occasionally, we meet elsewhere when the library is unavailable. Everyone is welcome to attend and we appreciate your interest in our website!

Hive Inspector Class 2020

Hive Inspector Class. It will be taught by Mike Studer, Tennessee State Apiarist. The dates are June 6th and 8th from 6pm to 10pm at the Cheatham County Library. If you are interested in this class I need your responses ASAP. The requirements are 5 years experience or equivalent, which could include extra classes or Master Beekeeper classes. If interested get in touch with Chris Lockert and we will try to work it out.

Got a Swarm?

If you’ve got a swarm of honeybees please contact us immediately. We will remove the swarm at no cost however, donations are certainly accepted and appreciated.