An Emerging Drone!

Thank you Eric and Jennifer Wilmoth for this beautiful photo of a drone emerging from it’s cell!
A drone is a male honeybee.
They do not have stingers and do not do any work in the colony.
Their purpose in life is to mate with a queen but only a few will be successful!

A Queen Bee!

Thank you Chris Lockert for taking this beautiful photo of one of her queen bees!  Isn’t she amazing!
The queen bee is the most important member of the hive! She is normally much longer than the worker bees. She rarely stings except if she encounters other queen bees emerging from the colony at the same time.
She can lay up to 2000 eggs or more in a SINGLE day!

Found a SWARM? Here's what to do!

 Honeybee swarms are common in the springtime.

 Swarms are typically not agressive but please exercise caution and leave the swarm alone until it moves along or until a beekeeper can assist with removal.

In most cases, we can remove the swarm.
Please check our list of beekeepers for one nearest you.
You’ll find their contact information and  general location on our SWARM REMOVAL page. 

Don't Forget to Register your Colonies!

All beekeepers in the State of TN are required to register their colonies within 30 days of receiving them.
This is a FREE service and can be done online.
To register go to:

House Bees

House Bees

What a crazy time spring is for beekeepers, eh? I think "this spring is the wildest spring" each spring. For the entire 2 springs I've kept bees.  Besides figuring out when exactly is the best time to remove a bee quilt, when to add pollen patties, take off a candy...

It’s SWARM Season!

It's SWARM season! We are in full blown swarm season!! This spring has been particularly “swarmy” if that is a word! The club has received call after call from the community asking for assistance with honeybee swarms!One of our jobs as members of the Cheatham County...

Interested in Beekeeping?

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