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Introduction to Beekeeping

Cheatham Area Beekeepers in conjunction with Three Rivers Beekeepers Presents: November 10, Introduction to Beekeeping (Fri. Night) Free & November 11th, Beekeeping 101 Workshop (Sat) $45 We will have a Drawing for a Free Hive on Saturday If you have been...

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Requeening A Bee Colony

Requeening a Colony Requeen a honey bee colony every year for better performance and production. The serviceable life of 99 percent of the queens is exhausted by the end of her second year in the colony. Requeening every other year is the least desirable practice....

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Honeybee Packages For Sale

We have 100 3-pound Italian honeybee packages for sale for $115 per package. Delivery of the packages is on or about April 8, 2017. To order your honeybees, contact Kendall, and ensure payment is received no later than February 27,...

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December Beekeeping Activity

December Beekeeping Activity December actually usually has quite a lot of fair weather here in the South.  Watch the weather predictions and plan to do a varroa mite treatment on one of those fair weather days.  You can do this last treatment any time after brood is...

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November Beekeeping Activity

November Beekeeping Activity Recommended activity includes: Rake all leaves and dead grass away from the colony to prevent fire. Cut tall grass. Fence apiary to protect the colonies from livestock. Feed one gallon of a two to one sugar syrup with 7/8 teaspoon...

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